News 06/01/14
Green Chimneys is having a break this spring. Please look out for issues later in the year and for the festival we are helping to organise – Con Fest ’14 – at the Constitution, Camden, March 13th/14th/15th. We thank you for your support and hope to see you soon!

News 10/10
We are introducing another new night to the London scene – Camden Jazz Sessions & Jam @ The Forge. The night, which is free entry, takes place fortnightly Mondays in the fantastic setting of the Forge in Camden, featuring original music. Listings now up here.

News 27/09
Issue 4 is out now! Online listings are now up here…and new pieces in the Articles section.


Green Chimneys is an online and paper publication dedicated to highlighting the artistic, social and geographical links between events promoted by musician led co-operatives in London.

Issues of the magazine are now available from our downloads page, or in physical format at venues throughout London. If you would like a copy posted to you please click here.

More about us…
London currently has a vast array of proactivity and creative output amongst musicians and young promoters/enthusiasts. Green Chimneys is here to provide a tailored go-to gig guide for London’s grass roots creative music scene. We want to help provide coherency to ‘The Scene’ in London that exists beneath the surface: making it easy for musicians to be visible, whilst allowing the audience to easily see whats going on.