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By Liam Noble


I recently started a blog, a place to air my thoughts in public view. At the moment it’s about a tour I have just started with my band “Brother Face” (Google those words and you will find mostly videos of “I spat on my brother’s face” and other such illuminating gems). It’s mostly me thinking about why things happen the way they do in my head, in my music, and everywhere else, in that order mostly. Me, me, and more me…with the occasional foray into you, them, us.

Music, on the other hand, feels like it doesn’t have the players, the composers, the musicians as the narrators. I like the way it takes you out of the first person; I always feel like I’m more integrated with everyone and everything else. It’s quite a trip really.
Words are, for me, more untrustworthy. While music means nothing specific and so cannot essentially be misunderstood in the true sense, text lays itself wide open to misunderstandings, a wrong path taken from a definite choice of several, or maybe as few as two. Text has no sound inflection; italics can look patronising, capitals can look ANGRY as well as imply an EMERGENCY. Text is often specific, but only a human voice clarifies the meaning somehow. I suppose this is even true in poetry, where a reading can suddenly bring a poem to life, to its true form. Perhaps for poets and writers, text is full of the mystery and omnipresence that musicians feel is in music.
These words are coming out slowly, laboriously; most of what I have just written is over the top of a load of other stuff I’ve deleted. To read it one might think it all came out in order and at the speed you just got to here; it didn’t. Improvisers have to live with what comes out in real time, in front of an audience. When I have finished this paragraph, I can just run away; the thoughts are in public view, but I’m safe at home.

I like both.
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