28th June
Contrapunto Collective gigs listed in the paper version as 4th and 11th of August are actually taking place 4th and 11th of September.

27th June
Issue 3 is out now!
The summer months have finally arrived (at least theoretically) and it gives Green Chimneys great pleasure to announce new nights, festivals and articles in these pages. True to the state of the contemporary scene here in London, we find endeavours that input fresh energy and new perspectives into where and how we digest music, and that build bridges with other emergent scenes in Europe. 
This is epitomised by Match & Fuse who have programmed a festival at The Vortex and Rich Mix, featuring bands from the UK alongside those from Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, France and Ireland. Another large-scale new event, The London Contemporary Music Festival, takes place in a car park in Peckham, with free entry and a staggering programme that impresses with its sheer depth.
Dan Nicholls wrote in the last edition of GC about the links that do and don’t exist between scenes in Europe. Perhaps with forward thinking ventures such as the above (plus many more also included in this issue for the first time), we might be able to start engaging on an international level, as is already apparent in other art forms and professions. With fantastic open spaces available in London, we’ve begun to make additions to our listings with a variety of summer events that don’t exist in the same venues that we frequent enthusiastically in other months.

18th April
Issue 2 is now at listed venues and elsewhere, and listings are available here too…

30th March
You can now download issue two from the downloads page above. The site will be updated with complete listings in the coming days…

17th Feb
The Hackney Cut night on a thursday has been postponed until further notice due to venue closure. Hopefully the night will be relocated so watch this space…

14th Jan
New Listings Added! Upcoming dates are now listed for two new venues: FlimFlam – an improv. night in Stoke Newington; View From The Tower – a new residency at the Vortex. Check ‘em out!

10th Jan
The weekly night at the Waterline has come to an end unexpectedly so tonight’s gig (Corrie Dick Quartet) has been rescheduled, however the night will continue from thursday 17th at the The Hackney Cut (E3 2NT).

1st Jan
The New Year not only marks the birth of this publication but the start of a new monthly night at The Vortex curated by Chaos Collective, from South London, as well as the establishment of regular nights at the Waterline (Haggerston) and Oliver’s (Greenwich). The arts event series ‘Pop-up Circus’ goes from strength to strength, having made Bethnall Green’s Arch Gallery it’s present home.

The three-year-long residency Jam at Charlie Wrights has drawn to a close. Fear not though, as it’s being relocated to the Downstairs portion of The Vortex in Dalston. Now taking place on a Sunday, it will re-establish the ‘Super Sunday’ evening of Jams – The Vortex Jam is followed by The Uncle Sam’s Jam at The Haggerston, which goes on ’til very late.